More than 50 years producing our oils

“Passion for
our Extra Virgin
Olive Oil”


Created in 1969 thanks to the impulse of its first 84 partners who added 850 hectares. Today, the SAN ANTÓN Cooperative has more than 500 members and an olive grove area of ​​over 3,000 hectares in which the varieties “Lechín”, “Picual”, “Hojiblanca”, “Manzanilla” and “Verdial”.

The necessary human and technical resources have been incorporated at all times to obtain Extra Virgin Olive Oils of authentic quality and great acceptance in the market.

We produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Protected Designation of Origin, the result of extraction by simple cold pressure, with the right mix of our magnificent varieties, an ideal oil to enjoy especially in dishes where its quality plays a leading role.



More than 50 years of
constant improvement

Our juices are obtained exclusively by mechanical procedures and at low temperature, so they keep their content of vitamins and essential fatty acids intact.

Our oil is a product with a smooth fluid texture, excellent quality and a characteristic green colour.

Its smell emerges with a clean aroma of green leaf, fresh fruity with nuances of green fig and apple. Mildly bitter and slightly spicy flavor. A delight for very demanding palates, who know how to appreciate quality with a seal of origin.