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Created in 1969 thanks to the impulse of its first 84 partners that added 850 hectares, Cooperativa SAN ANTÓN is today a thriving reality that brings together more than 500 partners and an olive cultivation area above the 3.000 hectares in which the "Lechín" variety predominates.

45 years of constant improvement in which no effort has been spared to incorporate human and technical resources at all times, capable of obtaining authentic quality oils and great acceptance in the market, a juice fruit of the extraction by simple cold pressure and the right mix with other magnificent varieties such as picual, hojiblanca, chamomile and verdial, ideal to enjoy especially in dishes where the quality of the oil has a leading role.

Our geographical location at the foot of the Sierra del Terril that presides over the town of Pruna provides us with weather conditions and a quality in our soils that makes our olive groves produce a magnificent oil with a highly appreciated aroma, flavor and beneficial health qualities.

Our juices are obtained exclusively by physical means and at low temperature, reason why they keep intact its content in vitamins and essential fatty acids, a product with a smooth fluid texture, excellent quality and characteristic green color.

Its scent emerges with a clean scent of green leaf, fresh fruitiness with hints of green fig and apple, mildly bitter and slightly spicy in flavor, a delight for very demanding palates, who know how to appreciate the quality with the seal of origin.

Health benefits

Usually, extra virgin olive oils, provide a large amount of nutrients beneficial to health, for our specific qualities, ( geographic situation, climatology and variety of the olive ) ours are very rich in these nutrients, standing out among other qualities:

Lowers blood cholesterol.

Thanks to the mono-unsaturated acids

Decreases hypertension

Thanks to the poly-phenols and oleic acid.

Improves digestive function

Acting as a stomach protector.

Improves training

Enhances the formation of cell membranes and brain tissue.

And a long etcetera beneficial qualities

Also for our skin, prized for cosmetic and pharmacological products generally.

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